Job title: Co-Founder
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Healthcare
Expertise: Executive
Salary type: Annual
Salary: Negotiable
Location: US - Remote
Job published: 05/20/2022
Job ID: 32333

Job Description

If you're ready to change gears, switch lanes or put your foot to the floor in the exploding health and wellness sector, we’re here to help you pursue your passion, positioning you at the sweet spot between dream and job.

We're looking for a good soul to join a brand new healthcare venture as Co-founder/Chief Medical Officer.

As Chief Medical Officer you'll bring your extensive medical background and experience at the executive level of the US healthcare system to execute on the vision to help communities get better access to primary medical care. 

Your impact

  • Work with the founder to create a business strategy and plan that will deliver better primary care to communities.
  • Use your network of key players within the US healthcare system to grow the brand and identify growth and partnership opportunities.
  • Use your understanding of primary care within communities to ensure this new venture creates better outcomes for patients. 

Your opportunities

  • Play a vital role in the development of this new venture - it won't exist without you!
  • Join the growing physician entrepreneur community. This is your opportunity to create your own future. 
  • Work alongside an experienced and successful technology founder.

What you'll bring

  • An MD/clinical background.
  • Experience, network and a strong reputation within the US healthcare system including payers and health systems.
  • A passion for community-based healthcare.

At Good Soul Hunting, we exist to accelerate the efforts of these companies to do good in the world, by matching them with good souls who share their passion and who have the skillset to explosively grow their impact.

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